At J&K Scaffolding, we are professional scaffold erectors, specialising in the provision of scaffold for domestic properties throughout Staffordshire. We have been undertaking scaffolding work for many years, and have gained a vast amount of experience in all aspects of the trade. This makes us a top-quality, safe choice when it comes down to any domestic project that requires scaffolding.

Supported Scaffolding

Supported scaffolding is built from the base upwards. This is our most common form of scaffolding, as it can be used to perform most construction tasks. As well as being convenient, support scaffolding is also considered the easiest, safest and most cost-effective form of scaffolding. At J&K Scaffolding Ltd, we have several forms of support scaffold available that can be used in different circumstances.

Pavement gantry scaffold is erected by creating several steel beam sections which help to balance the weight of the scaffold. The working platform can then be erected on the steel beam sections creating a raised workspace that will not affect pedestrians walking beneath it.

Roof Saddled Scaffolding

Roof saddled scaffolding is usually used for projects that require minor repairs. A roof saddled scaffold provides easy access to every corner of the exterior of the property as it is erected from the ground and crosses over the pitched roof. It is important to know that with our roof saddled scaffolding at J&K Scaffolding, you will need an access tower and scaffold walkway in order to provide a safe way of getting to the upper level of the scaffold.

In order to avoid any collisions, cantilever scaffolds use steel tubes fixed at the bottom of the building, which come out at an angle to support the lower section of the scaffold. This ensures that there is very little scaffold on the ground level, and provides a safe platform for the builders to work from.

Tube & Fitting Tower SCAFFOLDING

Tower scaffolds can be used on the interior and exterior of any property. Tower scaffolding is used to provide a safe and stable platform for builders to work from a height. This style of scaffold is highly versatile as the tubes can be connected in a number of ways. This gives you the flexibility to create a standing scaffold structure to suit any purpose!

Independent scaffolding can be erected outside your property, and will reach all areas of the building. This means that the workers can reach all areas of the exterior of your property.
Independent scaffolds are made from lightweight materials. This means that an independent scaffold can be erected, dismantled and adjusted in an easy, efficient manner.


Trestle scaffolding is commonly used for interior decorating and repair works. This scaffold is erected inside and has lockable wheels, to ensure the scaffolding is safe to work on when still. With the provision of our trestle scaffolding at J&K Scaffolding Ltd, you will be able to reach every crevice and corner of your home, making it perfect when altering the decor or are undertaking any repair work.