At J&K Scaffolding, we are professional scaffold erectors, specialising in the provision of scaffold for commercial builds throughout Staffordshire. We have been undertaking scaffolding work for many years, and have gained a vast amount of experience in all aspects of the trade. This makes us a top-quality, safe choice when it comes down to any commercial project that requires scaffolding.

Confined Space Scaffolds and Access

Pavement gantry scaffold is a scaffolding technique than can be used to aid any construction work situated near a busy road. Pavement gantry scaffold is particularly useful if you are working in an area that has strict constraints and regulations set by the local council or government.
Pavement gantry scaffold is erected by creating several steel beam sections which help to balance the weight of the scaffold. The working platform can then be erected on the steel beam sections creating a raised workspace that will not affect pedestrians walking beneath it.

Bespoke Scaffold Designs

Properties that require construction work that are located on a busy road, minimising the amount of scaffold on the ground level is essential.
In order to avoid any collisions, cantilever scaffolds use steel tubes fixed at the bottom of the building, which come out at an angle to support the lower section of the scaffold. This ensures that there is very little scaffold on the ground level, and provides a safe platform for the builders to work from.

Temporary Covers & Roofs

Independent scaffolding is commonly used for exterior repair, decorating and repointing projects. This scaffolding is a popular technique used on building types such as supermarkets and warehouses.
Independent scaffolding can be erected outside your property, and will reach all areas of the building. This means that the workers can reach all areas of the exterior of your property.
Independent scaffolds are made from lightweight materials. This means that an independent scaffold can be erected, dismantled and adjusted in an easy, efficient manner.

Encapsulated Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is a technique highly used for commercial buildings that are tall and located on busy roads.
Suspended scaffolding is unique as with this scaffold; the platform is attached to the roof of the building rather than the bottom of it.
With the platform being attached to the roof, the scaffold can be easily lowered or raised by using a pulley system made from ropes or wires. This allows the platform height to be raised or lowered when required.